Our Team

We pride ourselves on the quality and caliber of our staff. Academically most of our solicitors have graduated with a commendation in their LPC course (Solicitor’s equivalent of the Bar exam) and/or have a first class honours law degree. The academic and practical training of a solicitor takes between six and seven years, that is longer than it takes to gain the title medical doctor.

In practical terms we also employ staff who have excelled or distinguished themselves non-academically as well. For example, one solicitor who works for us spent five years taking very real risks with his own personal safety and giving back to the community where he lives in his role as a police constable on the beat in Hertfordshire.

Many of our staff are multilingual and can speak Italian, Gujarati, Polish and Bulgarian. Whilst we are a a diverse bunch of professionals one of our unifying strengths is our unshakable belief in the British legal system, British values and our British way of doing things..

The Principal Solicitor of this practice has around 20 years experience as a litigation solicitor, with a heavy emphasis on personal injury law. He was also a post-graduate student at Cambridge University, where he spent his time exclusively studying and learning about personal injury and medical negligence law. He is as passionate today as he was 20 years ago about winning for his clients.. “Here at CSO I only recruit people who like to be winners. ..(and hate losing)..”

Lastly, our staff are trained to firmly reject taking on, or dealing with cases where there is a real suspicion of fraud or gross exaggeration. We are not interested in representing client’s like that. If you fall in to that category please do not contact us. We will have no hesitation in charging you personally for our wasted time.

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