Educational Abuse

Uncorrected, educational abuse can greatly slow learning, damage self-esteem and can create an unwillingness to try to be successful. This can happen to anyone, but is particularly frustrating for children and youths. Educational abuse often causes behaviour challenges and poor attitudes towards learning. It creates damaged learners. Victims can become very anxious, frightened learners. They can even start thinking that they themselves are the problem. Educational abuse is often caused by and complicated by a combination of: learning disabilities; ADHD, OCD; budget cutbacks resulting in insufficient time with the teacher; outmoded educational practices; outmoded educational material; inappropriate curriculums; excessive work load for teachers; lack of political will to address these challenges.

Please see our VICTIMS OF ABUSE page on information about how to make a claim in cases of abuse.

Please contact us on 0208 203 5031 or using the contact form provided for a free consultation with our expert solicitors.

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